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Price Revision Ahead

Friends of GAIAS,

Hey there! Just wanted to update you know that our products will be revise in the future, so you’re not taken by surprise.

In recent years, the uncertainty of international situation and unpredictable events such as COVID-19 outbreak have caused our costing continue to rise, whether in terms of raw materials, transportation and delivery fees and labor cost. For example, our fabrics imported from overseas have risen by nearly 40%, and transportation fees have also increased by 30%, mechanical maintenance fees have also risen by about 20% and so on. Nonetheless, since GAIAS first start at year 2018, we always remained with our goal - premium products with more reasonable price for consumers even with all the costing had risen, we are willing to borne all the cost ourselves instead of passing it on to consumers.

However, the recent macro economic factors - such as surging inflation, geopolitical crisis and the recent continuous depreciation of the Ringgit have greatly impacted our production costs. As we mentioned, GAIAS’s goal is always provide high quality product to consumers, we can’t compromise with the quality and the workmanship of our products. Therefore, we are forced to implement price hikes on some of our products, so that we can maintain business operation and continue to make innovation and improvement on our products and serve you with highest quality products.

In order to provide you with the best home essentials, the price of some of your favourite products such as bed sheets, quilt cover, and etc will have an increment by 5%-10%. But no worries, the new prices are still 20-30% cheaper than the major brands in the market. We hope this announcement to inform you in advance and get you well prepared. The price adjustment will take effect starting from October 12, 2022.

In the future, our products and prices will always be transparent and reasonable, as we believe that consumers are smart and understand the making of this decision. As a reminder, all discounts you've obtained are still active! Feel free to apply them at any time.

Stay safe and comfortable,
The GAIAS Team